New Venues

by África Vidal Art has been translating for decades. In fact, the arts – dance, painting, photographs, sculpture, etc. – have always translated. Of course, this depends on what we understand by translation. To me, translating means re-presenting. Presenting again. And each one of us presents the world depending on how we look at it.Continue reading “New Venues”

Some speculations on asemic writing and the productive embrace of uncertainty

by Ricarda Vidal and Harriet Carter, 28 July 2021 Ricarda: Last year, I read Peter Schwenger’s excellent Asemic: The Art of Writing. The book brought together a wide range of artists who explore writing without language in their work.  Cy Twombly (who Schwenger sees as one of the “ancestors” and whose Letter of Resignation seriesContinue reading “Some speculations on asemic writing and the productive embrace of uncertainty”

Coesistenza/ Coexistence

Incontrare l’altro attraverso il corpo e le parole/ Meeting the other through body and words by Gaia del Negro and Silvia Luraschi, 13 July 2021 This workshop was held with 8 participants (6 women & 2 men) in Milano, Parco di Trenno, 20th June 2021, by the artist Cinzia Delorenzi and researchers Gaia Del NegroContinue reading “Coesistenza/ Coexistence”

ETN holds its first Symposium

by Madeleine Campbell, 9 July 2021 Our network for meaning-making across languages and the arts launched on 17 June by holding a digital one-day Symposium for members to meet and greet, exchange ideas and plans and discuss the network’s aspirations for the next 18 months. Educational and community projects, outputs and impact were very muchContinue reading “ETN holds its first Symposium”

Picturebooks and Graphic Narratives in Education and Translation

by Karen Bennett, 7 July 2021 The international conference on Picturebooks and Graphic Narratives in Education and Translation: Mediation and Multimodality (convened by Karen Bennett and Sandie Mourão) finally took place online, between June 24th and 26th this year, after having been postponed in 2020 in the hope of better days. Organised by the CentreContinue reading “Picturebooks and Graphic Narratives in Education and Translation”

Why Experiential Translation?

In a world of digital affordances and instant communication, meaning-making is increasingly understood as an agented, dynamic, unstable, emergent process where an expanded notion of translation is key. The aim of this research network is therefore to investigate the creative process of meaning-making across media, or intersemiotic practice, as a research field with its ownContinue reading “Why Experiential Translation?”

AHRC award

We are very pleased to announce that we have received a Network Grant from the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. This will allow us to commission several new artworks, offer all of our public workshops free of charge and curate a free exhibition in July 2022.