Drawing, Asemic Writing and the Temptation of Translation

a workshop about not knowing

led by Harriet Carter and Ricarda Vidal in collaboration with Ledbury Poetry Festival

Open to all:
4th and 25th November, 18:00-20:00,
Barrett Browning Institute, The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1AR

For Schools:
5th and 26th November, in the morning

“A line goes out for a walk, so to speak, aimlessly, for the sake of the walk” – Paul Klee

This two-part workshop has been inspired by artist Paul Klee’s wandering line and his focus on the process and experience of making.

Part 1:
In the first part of the workshop, participants will engage in a series of drawing exercises and activities designed to question mark-making in response to things unseen, such as time and space occupied by sounds and place. This will lead to the production of a piece of asemic writing (writing without alphabet). While the drawing exercises will be conducted individually, the asemic text will be produced collaboratively in small groups.

Part 2:
The second part of the workshop will focus on translation. For this, we will take our asemic texts as a starting point. Groups will be asked to exchange their texts. We will then endeavour to read them, to decipher their rhythm, their mood, their material presence, the effect it produces on the reader/viewer. Finally, we will attempt a translation into words.

Throughout the workshop, we will explore the urge to “read” our environment and the temptation to make sense of intangible experiences, to translate. But we will also indulge in not knowing and in joyful uncertainty.

Ticket price £12* Places limited.
*For those of low income, please contact Chloe Garner at the email address below
School workshops are free – for schools in the Ledbury area, please get in touch with Chloe Garner.

To book your place, email Chloe Garner at:

If you’re interested in this workshop, please do read our blog entry about asemic writing.

Workshop: Hosting others

20 June 2021, Parco di Trenno, Milan, Italy
led by Gaia del Negro, Silvia Luraschi, Cinzia Delorenzi

We are going to propose a collective translation of an individual performance entitled Ospitare / lavoro in divenire made by dancer Cinzia Delorenzi two years ago. We will engage a diverse small group of teachers, educators, translators, and artists (around twelve professionals) in two workshops:
– one in June 2021 focussed on the immunitary system/Coexistence,
– one in the autumn focussed on Hosting others.
The workshops will take place outdoors in a public green area in Milan. The source text within this will be a poetic text by Antonella Anedda, Notti di pace occidentale (Donzelli Editore, Roma 1999); a book that questions the destinies of our world starting from memory of the bloody history of the West.

We will invite the participants to draw on multiple languages and media, their professional experience, personal migratory background also within Italy, and other forms of ‘otherness’ by activating them to research in between the two sessions starting from listening to the words that resonate through their bodies. The outcome will be an expressive action, with stories and creative writing, that will be documented with pictures and a video.

Click here to read how the workshop went.

Experiential Translation Network Symposium 1
17 June 2021, Zoom

We formally launched our collaboration with a one-day event on Zoom, which included 5-minute presentations, lots of time to talk and make plans as well as a workshop on multilingual song-writing.

Click here to read more and to listen to the song we made.