Art Projects

Below is a selection of translation-related art projects that have been produced by Network members:

Ausgesuchtestenohren: Wasted Sounds for Írmag

Sound Translation Project by Karl Katschthaler, 11 Dec 2020 – 23 Jan 2021

Wasted Sounds for Írmag

For her installation Írmag in Debrecen (11 Dec 2020- 23 Jan 2021), multi-disciplinary artist Kinga Toth built a work of art out of unnecessary things and waste materials she collected from the citizens of the town. These materials range from plastic bottles and other plastic waste to defective electronic devices.
With his music for this installation, Karl tried to translate Kinga Toth’s visual concept into sound. He used abandoned sounds from an unpublished piece and sounds that are destructed and have become waste. The playtime is 25 1/2 minutes, and the piece can also be used as a loop.

Read Karl’s blog post about the project to find out more.
Watch a video of the installation with the music on YouTube.

Talking Transformations: Home on the Move

led by Manuela Perteghella and Ricarda Vidal, since 2017
Funded by Arts Council England

Talking Transformations offers a platform to examine what ‘home’ means to us at a time when notions of ‘home’ in Europe are becoming more fluid, being challenged and reshaped by unprecedented migration. Ideas and constructions of home are intricately connected to language: the mother tongue, the foreign language and, between them, translation. For Talking Transformations we commissioned and sent poetry about aspects of one’s own ‘home’ into a linguistic and artistic ‘migration’, where poems were translated into different languages and into film art.

The original poems were commissioned on the basis of public workshops in Britain and Poland. The resulting poetry and films are exhibited physically (in festivals, public workshops) and on the website.

TransARTation: wandering texts, travelling objects

curated by Manuela Perteghella, Eugenia Loffredo, Anna Milsom, 2017
funded by Arts Council England

TransARTation! was a touring exhibition that opened up a space for artists, poets, and local communities to explore ideas about translation, movement, migration and art in a variety of ways, including workshops, artists’ talks, interactive installations and multimedia art. TransARTation! was participatory, allowing audiences to engage creatively with art. Audiences were invited to touch and manipulate the artwork, to respond digitally and manually to performances and to take part in translation workshops led by artists and curators during which they created poetry and art inspired by translation. The aims of the exhibition and workshops were to foster community involvement in investigating how translation stimulates and provokes the production of text-objects and works of visual art, and to make visible the kinds of conversations that can occur between different cultures, languages and modes of expression.
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Translation Zones

led by Heather Connelly, since 2015

Translation Zones, established in 2015, is an ongoing series of events, projects, art works, texts and activities that brings monolingual and multilingual individuals (artists, researchers, translators, linguists, performers, participants and audiences) together to examine art-and-translation as an experiential and transdisciplinary practice. The role that Connelly plays in these projects varies: artist, researcher, curator, provocateur, facilitator, director, collaborator, writer, educator, host and others.

Jetties: Haجar and the Anجel

led by Madeleine Campbell, 2013-2019

Jetties was a cross disciplinary collaboration between writer/translator Madeleine Campbell, sonic artist Bethan Parkes, visual artist Birthe Jorgensen, and dancers Laura Gonzalez and Marta Masiero. Our collaboration was based on experiments with staging translations of poetry and prose by Algerian Author Mohammed Dib (1920 – 2003) across languages as well as disciplines. Aimed at fostering individual narratives in migrant communities through gesture, sound and movement, our workshops offered new ways of expression and witnessing in a safe and artistically challenging environment.
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Translation Games

led by Ricarda Vidal in collaboration with various partners, since 2013

Translation Games brings literary translators, artists, designers and academics together to explore translation in a ludic programme of workshops, symposia, public exhibitions, performances and publications. We are interested in the various layers, levels and facets of communication – visual, tactile, acoustic, vocal, gestural, olfactory, and so on…That’s why we don’t only translate from English to French, but also from film to choreography or from Spanish to silk painting.
Translation Games was most active from 2013 to 2017, when it was superseded first by Talking Transformations and then the ETN.