& Exhibition:

Performative & Experiential Translation: Meaning-Making through Language, Art and Media

Exhibition with workshops and performances at the Ledbury Poetry Festival: 7-10 July 2022

Conference and Exhibition, Workshops, Performances at King’s College London,
13-15 July 2022

The Experiential Translation Network comprises a group of international scholars, artists and translators who investigate translation between languages (interlingual) and between media (intersemiotic) as a method of creation and communication, as a method for learning and teaching, collaboration and participation within multilingual, multicultural and multimodal settings.

Our research is grounded in theory and practice. Collaboration and the exchange of skills and knowledge is central to what we do. We are organising a series of public participatory creative workshops where we invite people to join us in the exploration of intersemiotic translation via creative methods (e.g. writing, performance, artmaking, etc.). Workshops will take place in venues across Europe and/or online.

The Network is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), part of UK Research and Innovation.