Ospitare/Hosting Others – workshop 2

By Gaia del Negro, Silvia Luraschi and Cinzia Delorenzi

For our second workshop, we engaged again in the translation of the performance and poetry of Antonella Anedda. (See here for more info about our project and workshop 1)
Instead of meeting in a public park, this time we performed in a dance studio. The group was made up of previous participants with some “new entries”: two doctoral students (one from Italy and one from Iran) and a psychotherapist and playback theatre practitioner.
Being indoors helped us to go deeper into the practice guided by Cinzia.
Have a look at the pictures we took during the workshop:

Our final meeting will be in Parco di Trenno in May to shoot the video in the presence of witnesses invited by the researchers/participants.

The video will be presented at the ETN exhibitions in Ledbury and London in July.

The workshop was financed with additional funding from a small grant awarded by Cultural Literacy Everywhere.

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