Hosting Others: Translating in Canada

by Gaia del Negro and Silvia Luraschi Breathing and posture, Short lesson of Awareness Through Movement® guided by Silvia (photo: Nabila Kazmi) In November 2022, Prof. Darlene Clover and Prof. Kathy Sanford, coordinators of the group Gender Justice, Creative Pedagogies and Arts-Based Research Collective, invited us to University of Victoria, Canada, to facilitate an experientialContinue reading “Hosting Others: Translating in Canada”

Book Review: Translation as Experimentalism

Tong King Lee. 2022. Translation as Experimentalism. Exploring Play in Poetics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The book is available on Open Access. Click the title above. Reviewed by África Vidal Claramonte The definition of translation has changed. Contemporary post-positivist, post-structuralist and anti-essentialist perspectives view translation in a very different way to traditional approaches, those whichContinue reading “Book Review: Translation as Experimentalism”

Translating Through the Senses: How can intersemiotic translation facilitate literary translation?

by Joanna Kosmalska and Tomasz Wochna Intersemiotic translation in a nutshell For many people, the immediate associations they have with translation are ‘words’ and ‘language.’ It is hardly surprising, given that most theoretical work define the concept, much along the lines of the Cambridge Dictionary, as ‘the activity or process of changing the words ofContinue reading “Translating Through the Senses: How can intersemiotic translation facilitate literary translation?”

New Podcast: I’m Only Human

Manuela Perteghella and Sophie Clausen have just launched the first episode of a new podcast about poetry, art and translation. In this episode they discuss their collaborative translation of a Danish poem into English, Italian and an installation, which they created as part of their contribution to the Experiential Translation Network. The installation will beContinue reading “New Podcast: I’m Only Human”