New Podcast: I’m Only Human

Manuela Perteghella and Sophie Clausen have just launched the first episode of a new podcast about poetry, art and translation. In this episode they discuss their collaborative translation of a Danish poem into English, Italian and an installation, which they created as part of their contribution to the Experiential Translation Network. The installation will be on show in our exhibitions in Ledbury (7-10th July, Barrett Browning Institute) and London (13-15 July, Arcades, Bush House).

One poem, three languages I'm Only Human

This first episode of I'm Only Human looks at the Danish poem 'ideal' by Gustaf Munch-Petersen (1912-1938). Gustaf was a young Danish poet and artist who was shot dead as a 26 year-old in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). 'I'm only human' is the first line from 'ideal' and during the podcast the poem is read in three different languages: Danish, English and Italian. The Danish version is read by Gustaf's daughter Ursula Munch-Petersen who never got to meet her father.

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